Hello, I am Sarah Gregory, a well known spanking model as well as professional disciplinarian. I started out as a submissive and after many years of being a bottom, I slowly discovered the part of me that enjoyed the topping side of spanking. I now consider myself to be a 50/50 switch. I feel that because I started as a bottom, I know how to be an effective top.  I know what each implement feels like, I know how it feels to be draped over a stern lap, bent over a chair, and I know what makes a good spanking for me. So, because I know what I crave and need as a bottom, I feel better equipped to give to others what they crave when it comes to receiving a spanking.

I am lucky enough to have amazing spanking mentors and teachers. They are known as my Mommy and Daddy in the spanking scene. They have mentored and taught me well when it comes to the skill needed to use different spanking implements and all around technique of being a dominant and effective top. I have been a huge part of my daddy's,  Paul, "Tubaman" Rogers, Spanking 101 book/video series. I star in many of his films as a dominant demonstrating the technique and methods of using different implements and using them in different spanking positions. I have participated in and watched many private discipline sessions conducted by my first scene Momma, Dana Specht. She is one of the most famous female disciplinarians in the United States. I have learned so much from her about scolding, spanking technique, and demeanor.
I have also worked with many other famous tops in the spanking scene including, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Clare Fonda, Mistress Stephanie Locke, Audrey Knight, Tasha Lee, and Miss Chris. More recently, Miss Bernadette, Miss Elizabeth & Miss Matthews (from the UK). I have learned a lot about the skill needed to become an effective, shared sessions and knowledge with all of these well known women.

When scheduling a session, we will discuss in advance the type of scenario you would like. I enjoy spanking naughty boys and girls of consensual age for real life discipline, role play scenarios, and therapeutic spanking sessions. Your concerns will be evaluated and respected. I have a very good sense of reading body language and know when I have gotten you to your limit. I will give you just enough so that it takes you to your limit and then back down again. If you would like to use safe words, we can discuss what you would like them to be.

If you believe that marks and bruises are a necessary component of your spanking experience, I have no problem doing that. However, if you just want a spanking that will leave you a nice shade of red without deep marks, I can do that as well.

Some of the implements I enjoy spanking with are the cane, floggers, wooden hairbrushes. paddles, and of course my hand. I always start with an OTK hand spanking for your warm up and then move on with other implements that we have discussed for use in your session. You are also welcome to bring any implements with you that you would like me to use on you. I also have experience with bondage, so if you wish to be tied or cuffed while spanked, I can provide this service as well.



I can wear whatever clothing you feel would make this the perfect session for you. If we are doing an office role play where I am your boss and I spank you, I can dress in professional business type clothes. If you want the feel of seeing a dominatrix, I can wear leather and corsets and boots. If you want to feel like you are being spanked by your mom or aunt, I can dress very domestically.

I am based in Connecticut/Western Massachussets, but travel frequently to California, Texas, Florida and other parts of the country. Please check my travel schedule to see when I might be in a city near you.