1. My First Spanking from Miss Sarah Gregory

A lot went through my mind while driving for two hours to Miss Sarah's. We never met before but I had heard a lot from mutual friends. I knew she knew what a good spanking was. I knew I needed one. I knew I was going to receive one. She met me at the door and I was speechless with her beauty. I was nervous while walking through the backyard to her spanking room. We both knew why I was there. She eased my nervousness when we sat and talked face-to-face. She has a great collection of implements and we talked about some of her favorites. Before I knew it, it was time!

It was the first time I ever felt comfortable being naked in front of someone for the first time. She gave me a safe word but I knew I wasn't going to use it. I was sure I wanted to experience all of Miss Sarah. I soon found myself over her lap getting a good hand spanking as my warm up. I felt her firm, experienced, but loving hand striking my ass. Even with the warm-up, I knew I was in for a sound spanking.

After being over her knee, she had me lying on a bed with my ass raised to make a perfect target. After a thorough spanking on the bed, I was then stood up and bent over to take some more forceful strokes on my ass. I then found myself over her lap again. I couldn't tell you all the implements she used but I felt various paddles, straps, and tawses on my ass.

It was a two-hour drive back sitting on a very sore, swollen and red ass. My ass felt that way for a few days. I've been spanked and disciplined countless number of times for the past 30 years. There was a true discipline relationship with my ex-wife and many ladies who spanked me since the end of that relationship. Miss Sarah Gregory, I can attest, is one of the best. She knows what I have taken and I'm sure she will stretch some limits the next encounters. I'm looking forward to my next visit to see Miss Sarah.