2. The Best Spanking

I had the good fortune of having a a spanking session with Sarah on her trip down to Houston after the Texas All State spanking party. I must admit I was very intimidated by her....partially because of her stature in the spanking community as well as her beauty. What I came to find was that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I sincerely believe her years as a bottom really helps her connect with us when she is a top because she totally understands our needs.

I had a very close friend pass away and was really struggling. I passed this all on to Sarah in my emails. I felt like a good hard spanking would help me gain some new focus. I wanted to be able to cry to release some built up stress and just to be able to surrender to the whole situation. I was really having a hard time sleeping, etc. Sarah assured me that she thought she could help me.

On the day of our meeting, I was scared beyond words. I met Sarah at her hotel and when she opened the door I was just stunned by her beauty. But it just got better. She is such a kind and caring person. She immediately made me feel comfortable and assured me that it was all going to be ok. I told her with some trepidation that I wanted no safe word. I told her I wanted her to take complete control so I could hopefully release my pent up grief. She once again assured me that this would not be a problem.

I had not been spanked in approximately 6 months. Because of this, Sarah provided me a good warm up with her hand and initially over my underwear. After that warm up, things got down to business. She had a slew of different spanking instruments that she used on me. She would explain each implement first and would give me an indication of how it would feel. One of the implements was a cane which I feared deeply. She would always tell me to trust her and that she would only give me what she knew I could handle. When I looked in her eyes, I knew I could trust her.

I have a somewhat high pain tolerance. But Sarah gave me the best and most thorough spankings I have ever received. At one point of the session, she had me look in the mirror to see just how red my bottom was. It was amazing but also scary since we were only about half way through the session. The session ended with me across her lap and leg locked. She paddled me relentlessly with her being in total control. I really came close to the crying I wanted...not because of the pain but finally being able to find some peace. It's hard to explain but the spanking was so therapeutic for me. Sarah always provided me words of comfort throughout the session and helped bring me down after the session was over.

I will always be a faithful fan of Sarah. She is really a remarkable woman. I will caution you though. She is a very busy woman who is involved in a multitude of projects. If you're looking to get lengthy emails from her while making session arrangements, etc - it's just not going to happen. She does take note of everything you write her. And any aloofness you may feel from her lack of detailed email responses is quickly discarded as soon as you meet her. You will quickly realize just how sweet a person she really is. I would definitely recommend Sarah to the experience or novice player who is looking for a great spanking.