7. Sarah Kay's Second Spanking

Come to the room at noon and don't be late! This was the first message I received when I arrived in Chicago.

Obviously, my anticipation began to rise as I messaged back promising to be prompt and ready by twelve pm. Ten minutes went by until my punishment and I was feeling quite overwhelmed. The guilt of my wrong doings and the shame I was going to feel when having to tell Ms. Dana and Ms. Sarah everything was beginning to weigh hard on my entire body.

Finally, the clock struck twelve. I began walking my sorry self to room 515. I knocked calmly on the door and of course the beautiful Ms. Sarah Gregory answered the door. I began to make eye contact with Ms. Gregory when at the same moment I saw Ms. Dana coming towards me. I was mesmerized by her presence and immediately dashed through the door. Ms. Dana opened her arms and welcomed me into her warm consoling heart.

Quickly, I looked around my shoulder and saw my most famous Ms. Sarah Gregory. Her compassionate eyes stared into me like a real whisper of what I knew was about to happen. She then greeted me with a cuddled squeeze that sent sparkles throughout my torso.

After the wonderful hello time with both ladies was over, I sat down facing both of my disciplinarians. I curled my feet up against the couch and waited for what was about to happen next. Ms. Dana looked into my eyes and I began to know my fate. With her up right composure she asked me why I needed to be punished. My hands rose above my head without control and I stuttered all my offences to both women. I was so embarrassed to admit my injustices in front of my mentor Ms. Sarah Gregory. But I knew I had to. After my consultation with both of my authoritarians, came the most eminent words of all time. "Well Miss Blank, you have been a very naughty girl and you are going to be punished!" I hung my head and waited for directions. In my mind I was thinking of being defiant but the overwhelming urge of release I was going to feel in a moment's time had just set over me.

As I gradually climbed over Ms. Sarah's lap, I anguished for what she was about to do to my bottom. Her utter voice inside my ear telling me why I was being punished was emberrible. I hated to disappoint my mentor. The spanks delivered to my bottom were amazing though! I never felt so close to someone in my whole entire life. Ms. Sarah's hand spankings were desirable and unforgettable at the same time. As Ms. Sarah finished spanking my bare bottom she respectfully motioned Ms. Dana to take her turn with me.

I nervously got up from Ms. Sarah's lap and dragged my feet slowly to Ms. Dana's right side. When Ms. Dana took my left shoulder in her hand and brought me down upon her thighs my stomach trembled in fear. Before I knew it, Ms. Dana's hand was pounding down on my bottom like no return. Her unforgettable voice telling me why I was being punished will never be forgotten. When the hand spanking was over I was made to show each of them my red bottom. Then both of them agreed that my bottom was not red enough and it was time for the strap.

I was made to lean over the bed and await my fate of being strapped by two women at the same time. The stings of the strap immediately rained down on my bottom. I screamed out in pain, even cussing horrible language. I thought I was going to get my mouth washed out with soap for using such profane language. But Ms. Dana and Ms. Sarah let me release my deepest guilt and allowed me to shout out what ever came to my mind.

After my strapping was finished, I was able to lie on the bed and cry. Both Ms. Dana and Ms. Sarah consoled me with their deepest forgiveness. They both made me realize how strong I was and how I was able to accomplish anything that I wanted to in life. And then when I thought it was all over, it was brought to my attention that I was not finished quite yet. There it was, all over again. Those little fluttering butterflies in my stomach were back. My mentors had decided I still needed more. I wanted my punishment to be over, but I knew fighting it would only make things worse on my already very sore bottom. Ms. Sarah suggested I needed some time with the paddle. Ms. Dana agreed and added more strokes to Sarah's suggestion according to her rules about each cheek getting an equal amount of whacks.

They made me get over both of their knees at the same time and proceeded to give me the hardest paddling I have ever received in my whole entire life. After my punishment was all over I laid there over their knees and cried for my second time. What a release!! As I finished up with my final tears, Ms. Dana had me kneel down before her. I looked up into her forgiving eyes. She motioned me close to her. I nestled my head into her chest and felt an overwhelming release of satisfaction.

The shame of my guilt was gone. I no longer had to worry about what I had done wrong. The past was over and I knew all was forgiven now. Then I turned around to my most famous Ms. Sarah Gregory. With open arms she hugged me timelessly. A sense of peace came over me. The embarrassments of my actions were erased. I could now look into Ms. Sarah's eyes and not feel ashamed.

Thank you so much Ms. Dana and Ms. Sarah Gregory for all you have done for me and my life!