9. Anthony's Second Session

I had a second session with Sarah recently and much like the first session I had with her a year earlier, everything was perfect. I could not expected anything less from Sarah as my first session with her was the best experience I have ever had with any top!

I found it difficult to write about either session with out repeating other testimonials, but it is what it is.

Sarah can spank like no other that I have experienced. She can spank with her hand as hard as some of the implements she used! MY personal favorite is wood and she has lots of paddles and hairbrushes to choose from ,and brother let me tell you she can blister a butt with that brush. But she knows your limits she can read a person's limits like a book. I was amazed by that really amazed. Just when I would think I could not take another lick of the brush, paddle or belt she would stop without me ever saying anything too her.

Both my sessions were of the discipline nature and I must say Sarah being the pro that she is can scold as good as she can spank! It would be wise for you guys and gals having a session with Sarah too remember too show her some respect, as I at one time answered her with a Texas "Yup" instead of yes ma`am. She reminded me of what I said with about four or five rapid scorching licks of the belt.

I like the fact you can choose how you want too be spanked ,otk, lying down on bed, leg locked, the instruments you want her to use, full or partial clothing things like that. That too me made my sessions more relaxing. I was very nervous the first time not so much the second, because after meeting Sarah the first time and getting to know what a great personality she has, how she goes out of her way too make someone feel comfortable and how she gives you a hug even after shes walloped your behind you just leave thinking this session was unbelievable.

I just got spanked by a beautiful charming spankee of the year woman who knows her job and does it well and who is a true spanko not someone looking to make a quick buck. I also want too mention that the night before my second session with Sarah she had too go to the emergency room too be treated for a painful pinched nerve in her neck and shoulder yet gutted it up and gave me a great session! Can not wait for the next time Sarah comes too my area. Trust me, people wanting a session with Sarah you have no idea what your missing!