11. David's REAL Punishment Spanking

Sarah was in my hometown for a spanking party and was very easy to contact through email especially on a very busy weekend. We decided to have a double session with her and Ms. Specht.

I cheated on my girlfriend and drove extremely intoxicated and told them both I felt very guilty for what I did and needed to be punished which they were more than happy to oblige. At first we talked for a bit, as I was very nervous since I have never done anything like this before but they put me at ease almost instantly. They told me that I was to be spanked and that what I did was very serious.

I walked into the "punishment room" as instructed and saw a number of straps, hairbrushes, and paddles. I was taken back by how many different implements they had.

So my punishment was to begin. Ms. Specht told me to take off my shoes and put them out of the way. Then I was to take off my shirt and ordered to fold it nicely on a chair. I reluctantly walked slowly over to Ms. Specht's ride side and she pulled my pants down and I had me fold it and put it with my shirt. I knew Ms. Specht was the most well known spanking disciplinarian in the US and knew I was in for a serious spanking from both of them.

She ordered me over her lap and started spanking me with her hand while the whole time slowly picking up the speed and tempo. I was taken back by how hard just her hand could hurt so badly. She smacked my sweet spots or sit spots and let me tell you that was truly painful. Next it was Miss Sarah's turn.

She ordered me to her right side and scolded me on cheating and drinking a driving and how serious that was. The way she scolded me about cheating on my girlfriend tore me apart and made me know I deserved everything. I lay over her lap and she started with her hand. She would continue to bring her heavy hand down on my poor bottom all the while stopping every once in awhile to scold me some more. She got me into the spirit of the spanking. Sine she started out as a bottom for years this makes her such an effective top. She knows how each implement feels and knows how to give you the spanking you want. This is what makes her such an effective top. After the hand spanking was over I just wanted to rub my bottom so bad but they warned me it would not end up well if I did and after that hand spanking a lone I knew I would just make it worse on myself.

Next I was told to lay down on the bed and they both stood one each side of me with the reform school strap. Once they started it, it was one after the other just taking turns scorching my bare bottom. They are both the best at what they do and played their roles perfectly. Every whack felt like burning embers across my bare bottom.

Next came the Spencer Strap and let me tell you that strap is viscous. I was to arch my back and have my elbows by my knees. I knew this position was going to be bad. They scolded me as each blow came screaming down on me. I was one sorry naughty boy. I was told to look into the mirror and see how red it was, they told me it wasn't red enough and I was to be punished some more.

I then was draped over Ms. Specht's lap as and she asked me to ask her to spank me with the hairbrush. I did knowing if I didn't I would really get it and didn't want to make them even more mad at me. She started in with the hairbrush and I was trying not to kick and show how much pain it was causing me. After she was done my bottom was a deep shade of red. Then it was Miss Sarah's turn. Before I handed her the hairbrush she asked me to ask her to spank me with it. I said, "please Miss Sarah please spank me with the hairbrush," and she asked me why. I replied, "because I cheated and drove drunk." She laid me over her lap and started blistering my backside. After relentless smacks from that hairbrush I was close to tears and felt very very sorry for what I did. Once I was about to beg for her to stop she stopped for a little while and started scolding me again. She has learned from the best of the best in scolding and spanking as I found out. After I felt like I couldn't even take one more smack she stopped and told me to get up.

Ms. Specht grabbed her small Spencer paddle and put me over one leg and locked the back of my legs with her other leg leaving me in a position where she had complete control of me. I knew it was going to be bad if she had to hold me in place. She slowly warmed up then came down with a vengeance over and over. Then it was once again Miss Sarah's turn and I was about to start begging for mercy but I knew the punishment was up to them and I deserved it. She put me in the same position as Ms. Specht did and told me how disappointed she was in me. Then she started in with the paddle. Let me tell you if you have never experienced a true paddling with the Spencer paddle it really really hurts. I was so close to tears, which I tried to fight back but all I could think about was trying to get away but I was locked in that position where she was in complete control. I couldn't move no matter how bad I wanted to. I howled and kicked but to no effect.

After the paddling was over she told me I was forgiven and not to EVER cheat or drink and drive again or it would be worse next time. They hugged me and Miss Sarah rubbed my back and told me it was ok and my punishment was over. They took the session seriously and applied lotion to my bare bottom throughout the spanking, which was a great break. They have a very good sense of body language and know when they've taken you to the brink and know when to bring you back down again but also know when to pick up the pace when they need to. They are truly wonderful women who really care about what they do. I'm blessed to have met them and recommend anyone for a session with Miss Sarah or a double with her and Ms. Specht, you will not be disappointed. They meet all my expectations and more. This is the reason they are so popular in the spanking community and are the REAL thing, you're not just a client to them and they treat you like you've known them for years. After it was all over I felt a lot less guilty and truly punished for what I did.

I will never cheat on anyone or drink and drive ever again. We agreed before my punishment started we would video tape the session to show my girlfriend who is also a spanko. We are back together now and it's all thanks to them. She saw how genuinely sorry I was and how bad I was punished for it. I will never forget my session with these two beautiful and wonderful women. I was amazed by the fact that they take such good care of you to make sure you are punished but not hurt or injured. They changed my life for the better and I will definitely be back. Thank you Ms. Specht and Miss Sarah for giving me what I deserved in a truly professional and secure atmosphere. I'm thankful you helped me get back together with my girlfriend by letting me tape the session to show her. We will be back for another session once you're back in our town!