14. My First Meeting And SPANKING With Sarah Gregory

A couple weeks ago I was browsing the Cane-iac website and came across one of their models by the name of Sarah Gregory who also happened to be a disciplinarian and lives in Ct. (Check out her web-sites) Upon checking her out further via various websites I knew I had to contact her for a session. I have been disciplined by several disciplinarians over the past 10 years but what I was soon to experience would be one of the best spanking sessions I have experienced. The information I found on her website definitely resonated within me and I knew I just had to experience a spanking from her. One of her mentors, Dana Spechct, was one of the first disciplinarians I ran across on the web years ago so I knew she had to have been trained well.

Well today I had my session with Sarah and am now home with a still very warm bottom (which was very hot a few hours ago) and some welts from the cane on my still very red bottom. Sarah greeted me at the front door and we hugged hello. I then followed her downstairs to the room where I was to be disciplined. Sarah has a wonderful personality, is very friendly and extremely good looking with an air of intelligence that is easily noticed. We talked casually for awhile as she likes to get to know someone first before she begins a session. We finally decided, after some discussion about things in general, that we would do a therapeutic spanking. She told me that if I would like to be completely naked I could take my clothes off for my punishment. I told her I thought that would be a good idea. I disrobed as she gathered some of her spanking implements. She put a straight backed chair by the couch and sat down and told me to get over her lap which I did. She then began to mildly hand spank me, steadily increasing the spanks until they became harder and harder....which is what I like. She gave me one of the best, if not the best, hand spanking I have ever had. She asked me as she was spanking if there were certain things I needed to be spanked for and I mentioned I was a procrastinator and at times habitually late for things....such as today's meeting by about 10 minutes. She felt we should work on those things and began to scold me as she spanked my bottom, which was becoming hot and very red. She spanked harder and I knew Sarah was a person who knew how to get a point across. Especially when she concentrated on my "sit spots". Besides using her hand to get her point across she also strapped my bottom good while over her knee.

From the OTK spanking we proceeded to the nearby couch where I was told to lie down on my stomach and she then proceeded to strap, paddle (various paddles) and spank my bottom even redder. I was then told to go over to the mirror and check out my bottom for results and it had gone from a deep pink to a very reddish color. Sarah showed me a few new paddles she had recently acquired and also some new canes from Cane-iac. She even used a few of them on me for the first time as I bent over and assumed the position on a chair. As a finale for my punishment I received 6 of her best with the cane (a very whippy cane I might add) and then 6 very good ones with a Spencer paddle that had holes drilled thru it, counting each one for her as instructed. The last one was one to remember. OUCH!! I had the welts to prove it when I got home in addition to a very hot bottom which was still reddish in color.

After my spanking was over we talked for a few minutes and I told her she was the best spanker I had ever experienced in addition to being a really nice person with a super personality and extremely pretty. Sarah knows her stuff as she has been on both sides of receiving and administering, This definitely helps. And with her experience with shooting film, etc., it makes it even better. I'll definitely be returning and I hope to be her naughty boy in the future again very soon.

"G" from Connecticut