17. Stephen's visit with Sarah Gregory

Yesterday was a very beautiful day. I had arranged to meet Miss Sarah Gregory in Enfield CT for a spanking and a mouth soaping. We had exchanged several emails, where I made some of my desires known. I had never been caned and I had never had my hands spanked. Be careful what you ask for you might just get it.

After a long, somewhat sleepless night, I arose, and prepared to get on my motorcycle for the 135 mile ride to see her. I arrived at the agreed hour, and went to the wrong numbered house on the street. Nervous, yes, you could say so! I heard my cell buzz, and then heard her calling to me from down the street. I got back on the bike and rode the short distance to her place, I was embarrassed to say the least.

Sarah was most gracious despite my error, and greeted with a smile and a handshake as I introduced myself. The butterflies in my stomach were going full throttle. I was walked downstairs and Sarah asked me to sit down. We talked briefly about why I was there, and why I needed to be punished. I gave her several reasons, having a potty mouth, wicked sense of humor not always appreciated by others, and not the least of which is my excessive speed while riding my motorcycle.

Sarah certainly jumped all over my speeding. I had told her I had seen the video in which she was punished by Dana Specht, her spanking mommy, for reading emails while driving. She told me what I was doing was as bad or worse. And she also asked if I had brought the Pink Dove I wanted to have her use to punish my potty mouth. She then told me to stand up and come over to the right side of her chair. She ordered me to take off my boots, pants, socks and put them nicely folded on a box. She told me to take off my t-shirt and come back to the chair after I folded it and put it away. She gently pulled me across her lap and had me support my upper body on the nearby couch. She asked me what was the proper surface for a spanking. I answered a “bare bottom”. She proceeded to tug my underwear down and commenced to spank me with her hand. I thought a hand spanking would be a pieced of cake. Guess again naughty boy. She has a hard hand and can use it to great effect. I was doing my best not to show her how uncomfortable my backside was getting. Then she started in on the backs of my thighs, hitting harder and harder with her hand. I could not believe how punishing a hand spanking could be. Then Sarah moved on to several implements of butt destruction, she had laid out. There were lots of implements everywhere, I secretly hoped she wouldn’t use all of them or I surely would have to walk home.

After a long spanking, I was told to get up and go look at my butt in the mirror. She asked me what color was it. I told her a dark pink. She stated that wasn’t good enough and she needed my butt to be a deep red. She directed me to the couch. I was told to lie down on my stomach. The way she speaks and looks at you melts any resistance away. I expected if I didn’t comply right away, I would really get it. She stated I was now going to get strapped. She laid out some serious straps, a correctional strap, two tawses, a double strap, a loop, which is evil, trust me, and she also got the heavy leather belt out of my jeans. I probably forgot one or two of them. I knew I was in for it. She told me to ask her for a strapping, which I did. Wow, the intensity of the first strap to hit me was amazing. She proceeded to use each implement in turn, and oh my god, I was being seriously punished. She scolded me for speeding telling me to never, ever speed, punctuating every word with an extremely hard blow from the strap in her hand. I was one sorry spankee. She also worked a lot on my sit spot, owwwwwwww. I then had to stand and lean against the couch. She brought over some woodimplements and went back to work. I was in a state of panic internally, I did and didn’t want it to stop. Sarah knew exactly when to back off and then start again. I never did use a safe word. She used her Cane-Iac, Sarah Gregory Naughty stick on my sit spot standing. Really hurts.

Finally she stopped spanking me and told me it was time to take a break, and it was also time to wash out my mouth with soap. She said when she was done soaping me she was going to paddle me and then cane my bottom. I was somewhat dreading the cane, but also wanted to have it used on me. I was led upstairs to the bathroom. I stood by with my hands at a my sides while she lathered up her beautiful fingers with lots of pink Dove soap. I was dreading the taste of the soap, but knew in my heart that I truly deserved this punishment. She brought her fingers to my lips and lathered out my mouth. Next, Sarah, took the bar of soap and placed that in my mouth telling me to bite down. She twisted the bar back and forth several times scraping off bits of Dove on my teeth. She offered me a glass of water to rinse with and then took it and poured it down the sink, leaving me with a mouthful of awful tasting suds. She lathered the bar again, getting it all soapy, the lather dripping off of it. I was told to open and she inserted the bar again, building up even more suds in my mouth. I was hoping she wasn’t going to make me swallow all those suds. After a couple of minutes she did fill the water glass again and allowed me to rinse.

Back to the spanking room we went. She brought out a Spencer paddle, an acrylic paddle, and I think an old fashioned hair brush, but she used so many things on me I probably have them confused. She laid two canes, one heavy and one light on the couch. I was to be paddled six times with each paddle and then caned three times with the light one and three times with the heavy cane. The paddles really hurt. Then came the canes, I was to count each stroke as I had with the paddles. One, ow, two owwww, three oh my god this hurts. Then came the heavy cane. If you haven’t experienced a caning, let me tell you it really, really, hurts. After my three strokes, I did ask for more as I knew I had to be seriously punished. Sarah laid into me with that heavy cane, telling me to never ever speed. I don’t know how many strokes she gave me in total, but I was a very sorry naughty boy.

She had me stand up and turn sideways and put the palms of my hands out in front of me. She took the London Tanner tawse and struck my right hand three times. Then the left one three times. Wow, does that ever hurt. Then my punishment was over.

I just had to sit down, to gather my thoughts and recover a bit. She graciously sat with me, gave me a hug, and we chatted for a few minutes while I came down from the spanking high. Sarah is a beautiful woman, physically and mentally. I found her to be down to earth, articulate and a real devotee of being spanked and also being a great top. She was fun to be with. She gave me the spanking of my life. I still feel it today and sure felt it on the long ride home. I will be sure to make another appointment, as I was a naughty on the way home, speeding just once, but she told me I had to tell her, and I have. I also feel the naughty words creeping back in and she will need to vigorously mouth soap me again.