20. Randy's Report

I couldn't wait to see Dana as this was her first trip east that I could remember where she was this close to my home town of Boston. She had arranged to stay with Sarah Gregory and had agreed to do a double session with Sarah and myself. I had sent Dana a scenario that I wanted to try where I was a peeping tom caught by Dana spying on Sarah while she was dressing in her bedroom. And naturally my punishment would be a sound spanking on my bare behind with Sarah as a witness.

Both girls played their parts beautifully and the looks of surprise and anger on their faces seemed very real. Within minutes of being discovered peeping into Sarah's bedroom I was marched downstairs to the basement while being lectured on the seriousness of my misbehavior. Dana continued to lecture me as I fell down on my knees all the while apologizing for my misdeed. However my apologies were falling on deaf ears as both girls were determined to punish me and have fun doing so.

After being ordered to strip completely naked by Dana I continued my weak apologies to Sarah but Dana was having none of it and ordered me to go over her knee. Sarah sat down to watch my ordeal with a wicked smile of satisfaction on her face and Dana put me in such a position that I had to watch the glee on Sarah's face as she watched Dana administer a blistering hand spanking to my bare bottom. All of a sudden Sarah got up from her chair and started a very sexy strip-tease right in front of my face. She started taunting me with comments like "Is this what you wanted to see?" as she danced seductively while Dana continued to spank me harder and harder.

Sarah persisted with her teasing as Dana declared that Sarah would be the judge of when I had been spanked enough by announcing as to when the color of my reddening bottom matched the color of her red high heels. I knew that I was in trouble not only because her high heels were a right fire engine red but because she really seemed to be enjoying her taunting strip tease. I kept looking into her eyes for a sign that she might show me some mercy but there was only the look of a girl really enjoying herself while watching Dana spank me with a vengeance.

Meanwhile Sarah was seductively removing her dress and showing me her wonderful body piece by piece while keeping herself only inches from my face. The temptation to bolt off of Dana's lap and kiss and bite Sarah was maddening but I realized that action would only result in an even more severe punishment and I gritted my teeth as Dana's practiced right hand did it's job. Finally Dana slid me off of her lap and made me ask Sarah if my bare behind was red enough for my punishment to end. I already knew the answer as Sarah gladly announced that I needed to be punished further.

This time it would be Sarah's job to take me over her knee and dole out the punishment and I could tell by the twinkle in her eye that she was going to enjoy giving it to me. She started out with a hand spanking that had me twitching a little and my immediate thought was that I was going to get away easy. But then she switched over to a hairbrush spanking that really had me howling. I know that Dana is the absolute best in the OTK department but Sarah had certainly learned her lessons well from the master and her hairbrush work on my bare bottom was exquisite. Plus the added excitement of being draped over her fabulous thighs added to my high.

When I was just about to beg for mercy Dana intervened and once again told me to ask Sarah if my behind was red enough to end my ordeal. Once again I knew that the answer would be no and Dana then ordered me to lie face down across the bed that was nearby. Sarah then straddled my back while Dana handed her a leather strap and ordered me to hold still for more punishment. While Sarah strapped me hard I couldn't contain myself and started kicking my feet wildly. Dana would have none of this and consequently got on the bed and straddled my feet to hold me in place while both ladies used straps on my now completely helpless bottom. I also couldn't help myself because while they were wreaking havoc on my bare behind Sarah's high heeled feet were right next to my face. I uncontrollably started to kiss and lick her shoes and ankles and Dana stopped the strapping and admonished me for doing so. I then had to ask Sarah if I could kiss her feet and although she said yes I did so sparingly so as not to arouse either Dana's or Sarah's ire.

I was allowed a brief respite from my punishment when I was ordered to lie on the floor and I timidly asked if Sarah would indulge me by walking on my back with her high heels on. Sarah did oblige me but the pure pleasure of that moment was soon interrupted by Dana applying the strap again to my already blazing bottom. Dana always has a way of bringing me back to earth and reminding me that a spanking is supposed to sting and I love her caring discipline more that just about anything else on earth. But the coup de grace was yet to come.

The final chapter of my ordeal was to have both ladies sit face to face on their chairs and to have me lie across their knees for a final hand spanking. Each of them on their own would have been enough but the two of them together was overwhelming. I was in absolute heaven straddling their wonderful thighs and even though the pain from this last hand spanking was excruciating my mind was swimming with pleasure. This combination of pain and pleasure is something that I absolutely crave and Dana and Sarah are the two best practitioners of this art that I have ever experienced. I would advise any spanking enthusiast to experience this dynamic duo in person and find out why they are the best.

Finally when I now asked Sarah if my poor, sore, scorched bare behind was red enough to stop my ordeal she answered yes. WHEW!! These two beautiful ladies had worn me out! But Dana had one last surprise up her sleeve and it was a good one.

To my utter astonishment she asked me if I wanted to spank Sarah and I answered "Of course I do!!" Sarah then pulled down her panties and prepared to drape herself over my lap. But I figured that turn about was fair play and made her ask me to spank her. After all I had had to ask and sometimes beg both Dana and Sarah to spank me earlier and I enjoyed every minute of my predicament. And seeing the shy smile that came across Sarah's face as she asked me to spank her I could tell that she enjoyed this aspect of the scene as well. And spank her I did! With Dana as my instructor I increased both the force and tempo of the hand spanking I gave Sarah and I started to get the results I was seeking. Although it was not a real hard or long spanking I enjoyed every minute of it and, following in my true submissive nature, I did have to ask Sarah if it was okay for me to massage her tender bottom after the spanking was over. After rubbing the ultra smooth skin of her reddened perfect bottom I thought to myself that I could really start to enjoy being on top every once in a while!!

In closing I want to thank both of these lovely ladies for a wonderful afternoon and I will be visiting them both as soon as possible. I am so in love with Dana both for her loving discipline and for providing me with the opportunity to meet Sarah with whom I hope to have a lasting friendship. I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!